Meet Cheyenne. Cheyenne came to the rescue starved and out of hope. Longshot Farms has provided food, love and a safe place to recover while she waits for her forever family.


Our trainers are highly qualified, and will work with you and your dog to learn proper behaviors for a healthy and long relationship.


Fun on the farm! We treat visitors like family. Let your friend join in the fun, either for the day or while you are on vacation. They will make new friends and have a great time.


Our groomers will have your friend looking like a movie star. Offering a variety of services and pricing options. Call us today to make an appointment.

At Longshot Farms Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, we rehabilitate dogs and train people to understand the language of their dogs. Research shows there are not bad dogs, only misunderstood animals that are expected to act like humans. By employing proven dog psychology methods of rehabilitation and socialization, even the most aggressive dogs can adapt to a calm submissive lifestyle thereby granting both the dog and the human caretakers a peaceful, happy life together in harmony.