About Us

Love in Dog and Human language is fluently spoken here.

Dog trainers and animal lovers, Jack & Diane
Jack & Diane individually, have always had a special God given gift to understand Dogs and their needs. Each has their own experiences and trials in their rescue work with hundreds of abused and needy canines. Together, the two of them make a comprehensive team of enlightened behaviorist/dog trainers who truly care for and love every dog regardless of aggression or other disorders. Although each of these dog lovers have over twenty years training experience with dogs, they credit their study of feral/wild dogs as the turning point in their knowledge and understanding of dog Psychology. Jack & Diane lived abroad for eight years while rescuing starving and abused animals from impoverished countries.

“When you camp among a pack of wild dogs and study the way they can live in harmony – without human interaction,  proves how owners can confuse their pets by expecting them to act like a human.” —Jack

Founding the Longshot Dog Farm was an answer to a prayer in their quest to help dogs and their owners understand and respect each other to live a happier, fulfilling life.

“God has blessed us with 140 acres of heaven on earth and we want to share that and our expertise with the world” —Diane

Longshot Dog Farm is located in the rolling hills of South Carolina near Kings Mountain State Park.

Jack is a Certified Associate Canine Behavior Consultant (IAABC)