Jack – I just wanted to give you an update on George.  He’s coming along beautifully!  Your advice and direction made the world of difference.  Rather than searching for something to do throughout the day George is relaxed and content to snooze when he wants to.  I had several opportunities in the days after our conversation to give George a quick burst of air when he jumped to get something in my hands.  My timing wasn’t perfect at first but I got the hang of it and now George doesn’t want to jump on me or the kids for any interesting objects we have in our hands.

I still have him leashed in the house, but I think there’s a chance after some more time goes by he won’t need that anymore.

I think the thing that made the biggest difference was giving him something to focus on during our morning and evening walks.  We aren’t doing anything extensive, just simple stop and look at me commands, or we will ask him to sit for a moment and wait for us to move on.  He remains very focused during this time and I think his brain is tired as well as his body by the time we get home.

I felt over my head when I called you and I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to receive such sound guidance.  I can’t thank you enough!  A couple has applied to adopt George through the rescue and depending on how their interview and home visit go he might be the dog for them.  They have no children, both are active and she is deaf, just like George is deaf.  I’d honestly considered keeping George in our family but I think God’s been telling me to be a temporary home, rather than a permanent one.  If I keep George then I won’t be able to continue fostering.  I think for right now I’m meant to keep giving dogs a chance to find a forever family.  One day I’m sure we will have a dog here that I can’t let go and I’ll know they’re meant for us.

I’m really grateful Jack for all you’ve done, it means so much.

Praying for you as you continue this great work!. — Stephanie


Hi Jack, Diane and Longshot Farms family! We Adopted one of your dogs (Ruby) in May and  I just wanted to reach out to you all again to tell you how much we LOVE Ruby! She us an angel and so sweet. Her personality just keeps coming out. She’s such a clown. We love the way she sneaks up on her toys and attacks them. She loves to dig through the basket of toys to pick out just the right one. She loves her tummy rubs and is completely comfortable meeting new people. She is not weary and welcomes their love. She is so loving and loyal. We can’t thank you enough for rescuing her and sharing her with us. We tell everyone we know about your wonderful work. We will send you pictures soon. We would love to find a time to come back for a visit soon. God bless you both and bless the sweet souls you help every day. — Lynnsie, Julie, Ruby and Dillon


Without a doubt, Diane and Jack are in my top 10 list of favorite people:). I talk about Longshot to every dog person I come across! I wish we lived closer. – KLV (NJ)


How do I begin to thank Jack and Diane for their dedication to the care, training, and healing touch for all dogs?  We first met Jack when he came to our home to meet and work with our GSD Emma. I previously talked with several trainers, who sight unseen, declared she had fear aggression and needed to be medicated.  A friend recommended Longshot to us.  Jack met both Emma and our lab Millie and began teaching us how to modify both of our young dogs’ behaviors.  He is available by phone or email, and patient in his approach with the dogs and their owners.  We humans tend to back track on our training sometimes.  We decided to board the girls at Longshot after Emma displayed anxiety about boarding at the vet, with other barking dogs around.  When we arrived, we all wanted to stay.  What a peaceful, beautiful place.  Millie was immediately in love with Jack and the farm.  Emma also warmed up as Jack and Diane worked with both of them individually.  Jack emailed us with pictures and daily progress reports as well.  What a joy it was for us to see our two farm dogs who had different socialization issues bounding toward us with Jack and their new friends Twiggy and Sandy.  The change in their behavior is remarkable.  They can now cope with strange people and dogs, and come joyfully when called.  Jack gave us the tools to continue their training and is still available when we need him.  Jack and Diane’s devotion and commitment to our pups and their own beautiful dogs is truly a blessing. – Leslie W.


We are forever grateful to you and Jack for saving our boy and teaching him his Southern manners! He is such a great boy and we love him to pieces! He is a gentle giant and great with his senior sister, cats and little sister. He is very loving and protective of our kids and that just makes him even more special! You and your husband will always have a special place in my heart! Thank you for all that you do for the animals! You are a blessing to those sweet, helpless dogs! Gibbs says thank you too! – Kris V


My husband and I adopted Hunter from a rescue group in NJ, but his original origin was Longshot Farms. We learned that he would be sent from SC to NJ. We never would have imagined how wonderful Hunter would be until we got him home and he fit right in. Longshot Farms cared for Hunter when no one would. They trained and loved him like he was one of their own. He has such a wonderful temperament and is the sweetest dog. To top it off, Jack and Diane also were there for my husband and I when we had questions about getting Hunter acquainted with our other dog as well as with children. Any questions we have, they are there for us. We couldn’t be more thankful for being able to rescue Hunter or being able to find such good guidance from Longshot Farms. We will have to visit when we make it down to SC.  Thank you Longshot!. – Jen


Our experience with Longshot Farms was wonderful! My husband and I recently adopted an amazing dog named Simba from Jack & Diane. Not only is Simba very loving and well-trained but Longshot Farms made sure that he is the perfect companion for our other dog. When Jack brought Simba to our house, he stayed for over an hour to ensure that the two dogs became acquainted properly and provided us with plenty of advice on how to make sure they learned to trust each other in their first few days together. We were very impressed with Jack’s canine knowledge and his dedication to his animals. – Ali

pawbar3Abby is doing great!  Everywhere I take her people are amazed at how beautiful, friendly and well behaved she is.   She constantly makes new friends and is truly the light of our lives.  People can’t help but stop to look at her and ask to pet her and she is more than willing to oblige. Thank you so much for allowing us to be her forever home.  She fits in perfectly with our personalities and our lifestyles.  She is ridiculously intelligent and we have been debating giving her a specific goal, maybe as a therapy dog because she loves people so much, or an agility pup because of her working drive and energy.  I have not decided yet, but I will definitely keep you updated.  Thank you so much for completing our family and giving me exactly what I was missing.  She really is the best little pup anyone could ask for.  – Autumn

pawbar3Longshot Farms was wonderful for me and my dog.I needed a place to leave my unruly large Pitbull/Shepard mix and no Daycare would accept him.  But K9 Jack at Longshot they had no problem taking Rocky in for the week. When I returned, I had a whole new dog. What’s more, I learned how to talk dog language so my dog and I communicate better than ever. THANK YOU Jack. — David R.

pawbar3My dog growled at me when I tried to remove his food bowl.  I called Jack and he came to my home and stayed with my pet in my basement room.  He laid next to my dog all night holding food in his hand, offering it, removing it, continually until there was no longer any growling.  He taught me the same techniques and I now have a a sweet dog.  I’m amazed.  Jack is just like Caesar Milan on TV.
Phyllis G.

Paw SpacerMy family met Jack and Diane four years ago when we adopted three dogs from their rescue.  I’ve seen them rehabilitate hard to handle dogs and make them wonderful companions. Jack’s method of training is gentle and kind. He listens, analyzes the situation and develops a plan to rehabilitate your dog. He worked tirelessly with me and my dog in his pack, taught me hands on with all of his methods and how my dog could fit into my pack. I was nervous and he calmed my nerves. I learned how to think like a pack leader. I was so impressed with his knowledge and ability to transfer that knowledge in my terms. I wouldn’t hesitate one minute recommending Jack as a personal dog behaviorist/trainer. I am so impressed how in two days things changed. I have definitely become a much more educated pack leader. My pups will benefit as well as the rest of my family as I teach them as well. We can’t thank you enough. — Deneyse B.

Paw SpacerI have watched Jack perfect his training techniques on all types of dogs for many years. Jack has worked with some of the toughest cases – dogs that have been abused, those that have been rescued from a feral state, and dogs with severe injuries. Jack is kind, gentle, but firm, and his techniques simply work. If you are not the pack leader at your house, you need to call Jack! — Bill B.

Paw SpacerOnce in a while we get the chance to enrich our own lives with the friendship of persons of extraordinary abilities and character. I have met a few. You, [Jack] are one of the very best.
Joseph P.

Paw SpacerIf I had to sum it up in one sentence to describe my experience at Longshot Farms it would be “Manna from heaven NOT just for dogs”. It was nothing short of a miracle. It was learned I had a great fear of dogs. Jack and Diane not only worked with my friend and her dog with their issues but took me into their home (a stranger) to work with me and my fear of dogs. Who does this? Longshot Farms should not be kept a secret. I am most grateful. An experience I will never forget. Thank you.  Dawn P.

Paw SpacerFor over ten years I have observed Jack and his ability to work with what anyone else would refer to as a problem dog.  His kind, patient, understanding and caring approach achieves amazing results.  Where I have seen others stop trying, I have seen Jack succeed.  He is also able to explain to owners, how to behave around dogs in order to maintain a healthy relationship with them.  I would not hesitate to turn to Jack with a problem I have with any dog. – Pete B.

Paw Spacer

This farm is awesome. A Disneyland for dogs, and believe me, they are very well cared for in a natural environment. Thank you, Jack and Diane, for following your dreams and God. – Rose H.

Paw SpacerThanks to  Jack and Diane for a most fun day at Longshot Dog Farm. I got a great dose of Doggie Luvin. My teenage cousins said it was one of the best days of their lives! Thanks again! – GM

Paw SpacerThe moment you step foot on the property, you wish you could stay there too! It’s so relaxing and calm. We took a tour before leaving our pups there and for the first time got to watch our dogs REALLY BE dogs – running free, without worry or care, no leashes or cages. It was nothing short of a blessing that we found Longshot Farms and Jack & Diane. The little added details go over and above the already amazing experience they provide.  WORTH EVERY PENNY! – Tara B.

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