The behavior of a dog is directly related to the level of excited energy
The Behavior of a dog is directly related to the level of excited energy.

Therefore, a Tired Dog is a Happy Dog.

When you relinquish your pet into our care, the level of exercise will be proportionate to how much energy your dog has to give. Swimming, Running, Agility, Socializing, Mind Games, Cold River Water and fresh Air all available at Longshot Dog Farm. Shaded Fenced yards, Acres and Acres of Grass for rest and monitored supervised group play with a certified trainer.

A well socialized dog is a better companion for you and your family. A well balanced dog is a great companion.

    • You fear dog parks and meeting other dogs. We can help you and your dog.
    • Your dog is aggressive toward other dogs. We can help you and your dog.
    • Your dog is aggressive toward people. We can help you and your dog.
    • Your dog fears cars, vet visits, loud noises, thunder, vacuum cleaners, slippery floors or anything else. We can help you and your dog.

Longshot Farms is a very special place where your dog is loved as much as you love them and treated in a way you always wanted to treat them.

We do not accept dogs for Day Care, it interrupts our training, play and quiet times. Since we are a cage free facility, it is important that we maintain calm and order to provide our Boarders the best possible experience.

Longshot Farms is a Cage Free facility.  Dogs boarding here are treated to a real bedroom in our farm home or cottage. They have access to a queen size bed or sofa. If owners prefer their dog stays on the floor. We have plush dog beds provided. If your dog is destructive to furniture, barks or has other fears, we can help that behavior during their stay for an additional donation. Temperament testing is not required; since Longshot Farms is a Behavior Rehabilitation Center, even aggressive dogs are accepted. Dog Aggression cases can be resolved for an additional donation.

Overnight stays $55.00/day* – Drop off and pickup between 11am – 3pm (other times incur a $10 fee)
Multiple dog discount = $25/additional dog each day (provided they can occupy the same bedroom).

*Rates are by the calendar day. Because we admit your pet into our home, a long process of introduction is necessary to minimize anxiety and establish a mindset for rehabilitation. If we had kennels, this process would not be necessary. But it is the very environment at Longshot that makes the difference compared to a kennel operation.

All boarders need proof of regular Veterinarian upkeep with all required shots.  Rooms are limited and require a deposit to hold a date.
Contact Longshot Farms at 704-675-2933