Telephone Consultation

Let’s talk about your difficulties

Your beloved pet just bit your child… what do you do now?

Your spouse is demanding the dog must go !!! What can you do?

We can help you discuss your options rationally and immediately take steps to keep your family and pet safe.

When you’re at your wit’s end and trying to decide what to do about your pet’s behavioral issues, you can pick up the phone and speak with a certified behavior consultant with 25 years experience with dogs and a wealth of book knowledge, seminars and practical experience all to answer your questions.

Are you considering euthanizing your pet? We can help you make the best decision for your dog.

Should you re-home your dog? We can help with that decision too.

Canine Behavior Strategy Session:

We offer Canine Strategy Sessions, where you can obtain the professional advice needed to help you decide how to handle a pet problem.  Get immediate advice to limit your risks of another dog fight or bite situation. During this one-hour session with us, you’ll get your questions answered and determine what actions you need to take to solve your problem for only $110.  If you have specific questions about managing your pets, ask as many questions as you wish. In a one-hour session, you can learn more about your problem than reading ten books or attending all-day seminars.

If your time is valuable and you need answers to solve your immediate dog problems now, then click below to purchase a Canine Behavior Strategy Session.

 100% of your fee goes to helping dogs.

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